Portuguese Saxophone Association

Dear friends,We are very happy to announce the creation of the Portuguese Saxophone Association!In the last 25 years Portugal has made a giant evolution on the saxophone, in both pedagogical and artistic issues. With the growth of young people studying music, the opening of many new Conservatories, the opening up of the artistic labour market (still with a very short supply for existing demand), the emergence of new opportunities and the inevitable growth of the artistic level, as mentioned above, equating Portugal to the best is done in any part of the world.

Our instrument is no exception, the “Portuguese saxophone School” is already recognized everywhere!In this in this context, APS – Portuguese Saxophone Association, a non-profit association, was created, at the end of 2016 by a group of saxophonists, teachers and friends, that decided to carry out the creation of a long-awaited project. Its mission is to support and promote the Portuguese saxophone, hoping to be able to constitute itself as an trustworthy and impartial support platform to serve the saxophone professionals, students, amateurs or simply to the saxophone followers and lovers.

Over the next two years APS will work to disseminate and clarify its mission, going to cultural schools and institutions, with the aim of attracting as many members as possible from the various musical quadrants, in order to guarantee a true representation of the Portuguese saxophone.

Social Entities

Henrique Portovedo, President
João Pedro Silva, Vice-President
Gilberto Bernardes, Treasurer
Luís Ribeiro, Secretary
Mário Marques, Vowel

Francisco Ferreira, President
José Massarrão, Secretary
Ingrid Van Ach,Secretary

Supervisory Board
Carlos Canhoto, President
Isabel Anjo, Vice-President
Paulo Sarmento e Cunha, Vowel