Book "The Educational Saxophone"


Available in Portuguese, English and French

“Vous avez raison d’insister sur le besoin d’efficience du temps que passe l’élève à étudier chez lui. C’est effectivement primordial. J’apprécie aussi le plan constructif et méthodique des leçons. Bravo! ”
Jean-Marie Londeix | Professor Honorário de Saxophone – Conservatoire de Bordeaux, France

“João Pedro Silva e Lino Guerreiro ont accompli dans cet ouvrage un travail extrêmement méthodologique qui recevra je l’espère un accueil chaleureux de la part de tous nos collègues. ”
Claude Delangle | Professor of saxophone – Conservatoire National supérieur de musique et de danse de Paris “

“The Educational Saxophone” is an ambitious and comprehensive undertaking by authors Joao Pedro Silva and Lino Guerreiro. This is a detailed and original approach to saxophone pedagogy.”
James Houlik | Professor de Saxofone – Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, USA

“Is a splendid work that was lacking in didactic books for this age rang. Is undoubtedly a work that will be considered soon a reference for the future generations of saxophone players”.
Mario Marzi | Professor de Saxofone – Conservatorio di musica “Giuseppe Verdi” di Milano

“Is a new and important pedagogical tool that will be useful to train young saxophonists for years to come. Two thumbs way up for this wonderful addition to the saxophone’s pedagogy!”
Otis Murphy | Professor de Saxofone – Indiana University, USA

“With the help of this book I can see the development of a generation of complete saxophonists.”
Gerard McChrystal | Professor of Saxophone – Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, London

“C’est un ouvrage très soigné et bien pensé , qui servira , j’en suis sure , un très grand nombre de saxophonistes voulant se documenter sur la pédagogie, Bravo ”
Jean Yves Fourmeau | Professor de Saxofone – C.R.R. de Cergy Pontoise, France

“Analisando este magnífico método, diferente na sua conceção de todos os outros, verifico que será uma ferramenta de desenvolvimento técnico, disciplina no estudo e criatividade para os alunos do ensino básico.”
Vítor Santos | Antigo Professor de Saxofone – Escola de Música do Conservatório Nacional de Lisboa

“Gran conocimiento por parte del autores de la técnica del saxofón. (…) hacen de este libro una excelente guía para el estudio de nuestro querido instrumento. Bravo!”
António Felipe Belijar | Professor Saxofone – Universidade Francisco de Vitoria, Espanha

“This educational book represents a major step for the Portuguese saxophone literature. This new contribution will enrich the growing saxophone culture that is reaching a very mature state.”
Henk van Twillert | Professor Saxofone – Conservatorium van Amsterdam | ESMAE

Livro Saxofone Pedagógico

Book for the saxophone learning.

Authors João Pedro Silva e Lino Guerreiro
Design Amanda Baeza
Publisher AVA Musical Editions
Preface Claude Delangle | Prof. Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris

Support CD

Saxophone João Pedro Silva
Piano Pedro Vieira de Almeida


We live in a world where “time” is an increasingly valuable commodity, therefore in the context of a busy life, full of activities and busy schedules, we thought it would be interesting to create a tool that would help people who are wanting to respond to their commitments with confidence and composure, we speak of learning the saxophone, of course! This book is structured and designed for the student who wishes to evolve and needs to manage their time more effectively. Both the thematic chapters and the lessons are designed to educate the student at an individual level whilst simultaneously providing progressive, intelligent and effective learning through using the same resources for different purposes. We therefore hope to contribute to a solid technical and artistic development and to prepare the student for the next level by knowing how to study and manage their time, which can be invaluable! The Educational Saxophone is intended for preparatory level students.

To the Teacher

Understanding the relationship between the content presented and their proper functioning may have a considerable impact on the performance level that the student will reach, consequently “The Pedagogical Saxophone” is a tool that should always be taught by the teacher. As this book is directed to students from middle school (lower secondary education), the first lessons were designed to be easy to implement, with the goal of providing students with a progressive adaptation to the work and methodology presented.

Stimulating creativity at the service of study, each student tries to create in his own way the most effective tool, which allows him to utilize and re-utilize (re-invent) the information at his disposal to capitalize on his performance. As a consequence, this leads to a major emotional and mental involvement with the learning process and content to be assimilated. This involvement intends to ensure an increased autonomy and sense of competence as a fundamental element of the entire process, hence maintaining motivation levels and self- esteem in a high degree. The main resources used to guarantee the proposed objectives are the division of tasks and suggestion of specific behavioural goals, in which the student can experience them from different perspectives. The book presents an interactive alignment; there always is a relationship and thematic content in the proposed exercises. These guidelines are the inception of this book, which presents a very specific method, providing a vast choice of tools and allowing students to actively participate in structuring their daily work.